Monday, May 28, 2012

Abortion news, Part 1

I've been following the fight over abortion on Raw Story (amongst other places) because apparently I haven't been feeling crappy enough lately. And, whoo boy is shit getting scary out there:

May 23
Pennsylvania Rep. Metcalfe seeks to defund Planned Parenthood based on claim that it ‘performs an abortion every 95 seconds’
Money quote:
“Regardless of their position on abortion, Pennsylvania taxpayers must no longer be forced to subsidize the loss of innocent lives,” said Metcalfe. “In reality, women in Pennsylvania will be healthier and the children safer when we permanently defund Planned Parenthood and its anti-family agenda. I encourage every taxpaying Pennsylvanian to contact his or her respective state lawmakers and demand an end to all state funding for Planned Parenthood through final passage of the Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priorities Act.”

Okay, let's diagram the wrongness of this bullshit.
  • subsidize the loss of innocent lives Yes, because those women who want &/or need an abortion aren't innocent enough to care about, are they? We're going to ignore the fact that a real, breathing, thinking, emotional being will have her life turned completely upside down if she has a child, that's just punishment for being a dirty, whoring, slut.
  • women will be healthier Because government decided to come between a patient and her doctor? Hey wait a minute... wasn't that the entire reason that Republicans fought against healthcare reform? FREEDOM! Also, let's not ignore the fact that pregnancy is really fucking dangerous-- not only is the threat of medical complications extremely likely, but having a child also impacts a woman's emotional and financial well-being, too.
  • and the children safer I didn't realize it was legal in PA to abort children after they've been delivered. Huh. If that's the case, remind me to stay the hell out of that state. (Or, more likely, Metcalfe is confusing "child" and "fetus". Idiot.)
  • Planned Parenthood and it's anti-family agenda Because it's not a family unless Mommy's squeezing out a kid once a year! Or dying of cancer!
  • Whole Woman's Health Funding Priorities Act "Whole Woman" except those nasty reproductive parts. And those icky bits that need cancer screenings. Or anything that might need some healthcare, really. Why don't we just rename the whole thing Those Gross Broads Get No Healthcare Act?
And that's not even mentioning the ridiculous "95 seconds" claim-- I think that's a bit of a strawman, anyway. It wouldn't matter if PP's services were 100% abortions or .001% abortions, that's not the point to these fuckers. Organizations like Planned Parenthood empower women by educating them and giving them real choices when it comes to family planning and medical decisions. Something that the Republican party cannot have if they are to remain in power.

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