Thursday, June 21, 2012

For shits and giggles

More "inspiration" from Checkmate, Pro-Choicers! (If you're wondering what's up with the "old news" posts tonight, I'm doing a little, uh, research and writing about these topics is helping me get my thoughts in order.)

You know who else thought abortion should be illegal? Checkmate, Anti-Choicers.

It's sad, but after reading the top three pages, the "Checkmate!" arguments can all be refuted with: you don't actually know what pregnancy entails, you don't actually know the history of your own religion, and this isn't an argument, you're just waving your dumbassery around. The pic above is the closest thing to an "inspired" post Rebecca has put up in the last few days and she managed to get Godwin all over her blog* (and be totally wrong in the process).

Hate to say it, but this one I actually agree with (although not in the way that the anti-choicers would hope). Of course we need to make abortion available for women who have medical complications, whose lives are threatened by their pregnancies, or for fetuses that have genetic disorders/developmental abnormalities.

That being said, allowing policy makers to decide that the middle ground in this debate is preserving the life of the pregnant woman has been, in my humble opinion, the reason why state legislatures have felt free to propose legislation restricting birth control and abortion access. We allowed (and I am just as to blame as anyone else) our elected officials to ignore the reality that abortion allows women to have a higher standard of living, pursue education and a career, and to raise her family as she sees fit.

An anti-choicer may label this argument as being about convenience, but so the fuck what? Indoor plumbing is a "convenience", the supermarket is a "convenience", hell your car is a "convenience". Unless you're arguing that we should be digging our own wells and shit pits, that everyone should be growing all of their own food, or that never touching a petroleum product is the "moral" thing to do, your anti-choice argument doesn't hold any water. All of these things increase our standard of living, just like family planning.

*And, by extension, mine.

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