Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good news, everyone!

 The CT Mirror: Abortion to be considered essential health benefit

While hundreds of Connecticut residents rallied in New Haven against abortion and federal requirements that religious organizations cover their employees' contraceptives, officials at the State Capitol complex took up a measure on whether the insurance everyone will have to purchase under the federal health law will cover the procedures.

The panel unanimously decided that abortion is an essential benefit, and it will be covered in the plan they select.
Assuming that the Supreme Court doesn't strike down the healthcare reform law*, in 2014 all Connecticut women will have a health plan that covers abortion services. All women.

My mind has been blown. CT is actively making abortion easier to access in a time when every other goddamn fucking state in the US is making pregnant women jump through humiliating hoops just to exercise  her rights over her own body.

Three cheers for Connecticut! 

(via Rock the Slut Vote and Addicting (ugh) Info)

*And if it is struck down, that would present a great opportunity to create a single-payer system, but that's probably asking too much of the Democrats.

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