Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And now... Steubenville

There's no way to gracefully segue from babies to the horribleness of the news lately, so I'm not even going to try.
I wish I could say that I had some deep insight about Steubenville, but right now all I've got is rage. Rage for Jane Doe, rage towards the boys who raped her, rage at the media who are still pushing the myth that drunkenness=consent. Rage that people are harassing her over Twitter. Rage that there's so much more sympathy for the boys who attacked her than the victim herself. She's just a drunken slut, why does she matter?

It has occurred to me that if those kids robbed a liquor store instead of raping their classmate, there would be none of this "but they had so much potential!" bullshit going on. They'd be convicted with no second thoughts and no one on cable news talking about how sad their situation is.

And they say there's no rape culture. *spits!*


  1. Did you see this post, that took the Steubenville case as a starting point for a different (but well plotted) tangent?


    1. Thank you, Daz. I hadn't seen that post, and holy shit, I hadn't realized how dehumanizing the "wife/mother/daughter" thing is.

      Just goes to show that we don't even notice that bullshit because it's everywhere. It's hard thinking to shake, even when you're the target.