Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Inspirational" quotes

One of the reasons why I hate facebook is because crap like this always ends up in my newsfeed:
Really? We're taking life coach advice from the likes of Henry Ford now? I have little patience for industrialists, let alone Nazi sympathizers, no matter how many pithy quotes that look good superimposed over an out-of-focus sunset they puked up over the course of their life.

Also... this very well may have originally a Mark Twain quote. A quick Googling brings up both Ford and Twain as the author. Twain I can respect, even if this is something that belongs on a Hallmark birthday card. Ford, not so much.

It could be worse. A few months ago, a friend posted "Nothing is so healing as the human touch", quoted from Bobby Fischer. Yes, that Bobby Fischer-- chess grandmaster and Holocaust denier. She took it down after a couple of us pointed out that Fischer was an terrible person.

The moral of this story: Do your research, people. I don't want to see motivational quotes from known bigots every morning.

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