Thursday, March 7, 2013


Earlier today I clicked a link. Then another. And another. And down the rabbit hole I fell, until I found this article from last December: Human Caviar, Eating Human Embryos as a New Delicacy?.


No surprise, it's from the anti-choice nutbars from LifeNews. Anyway, to cut a long story short:
Human caviar. A disgusting, repulsive and horrifying thought for pretty much everyone. Why? Because the human embryo is a human organism, just as we are, albeit very early in development.
Therefore, stem cell research for those dirty, filthy scientists.

Seriously. Ignoring the fact that Iron Chef has never done a human embryo episode, no one is going to argue that a human embryo isn't human. I'm no scientist but I'm pretty sure that an important part of stem cell research is human stem cells. An embryo isn't a person you dumb fucks.

Is it bad that I want eggs for dinner now?

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