Monday, March 4, 2013

In which I complain about the state of health insurance in the US

I got a funny letter in the mail the other day. You see, the company that handles the prescription coverage part of my health insurance is "urging" me to fill my "maintenance medications" though their home delivery pharmacy. By "urging" I mean "they will charge an additional 10% of the prescription's copay if I don't start ordering from their pharmacy by April".

How the fuck is this legal? Jesus Christ, we have better consumer protections for car insurance than health insurance. It's quite the racket, isn't it? Order directly from us or we will charge you more out-of-pocket every time you need to refill your prescriptions that keep you healthy! The mafia should be proud.

This is just one more reason to support single payer health insurance. Sure, its just a minor inconvenience for me-- I just have to call to make sure that they're not going to do something that is actually illegal, like charge a copay for my birth control-- but it could be a major issue for someone else.

It's clear that private companies cannot be trusted not to fuck over consumers in any way that they can.


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