Tuesday, April 3, 2012

AZ really wants to win the War on Women, don't they?

From RH Reality Check:
Legislators have had so much success smuggling in ulterior motives with 20-week [abortion] bans that they’re now looking for ways to expand the amount of hard right anti-choice nonsense they can attach to those bills. The most recent---and extreme---example is Arizona. There, lawmakers are writing a 20-week abortion ban that starts counting off at the first day of a woman’s period. Yes, they’re arguing that you’re “pregnant” while you’re actually getting your period.
 Hear that ladies?  You may be on the rag right now, but that doesn't matter in good ol' Arizona; you're as good as pregnant! Even better: since we can't know know the future, you should just consider yourself pre-pregnant, just in case! Isn't that wonderful!

I don't even know what to say about this shit. One can't even argue that our rights are being chipped away anymore-- they're being dismantled right in front of our very eyes. Roe v Wade guaranteed abortion up to the 20th week, but Arizona has no fucking problem banning abortion past the 18th week. Even if this law would be struck down in the courts, that will take years. The women of AZ (and any other state that follows suit) don't deserve this.

That being said, how in the high holy hell did these fuckers get elected? My guess is that these Tea Baggin' assholes ran on a lower taxes! deregulation! platform with nary a mention of the abortion or gay rights or whathaveyou. A way to harness the anger at the establishment, while at the same time inserting legislators who are patriarchal culture warriors.

(MoJo and Wonkette)

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