Saturday, April 7, 2012

Required reading

Today's required reading: Co-opting King: Why the Right Tries to Claim MLK.

No matter what shit Glennnnnnn Beck spews, Dr. King was not against family planning services or Planned Parenthood. There's no evidence that he would fight against marriage equality. He supported the separation of church and state. And Dr. King fought for economic justice (ooo, he was a scary, scary socialist!).

The Right already has their heroes-- they can keep beating Reagan's and Rand's corpses until there's nothing left, for all I care. They need to stop stealing our heroes.

The "theft" of Dr. King does strike me as interesting, though. It's almost as if the Right's martyrs don't appeal to the everyman*, so they need to find someone who does, even if he was farther left than any politician/leader today.

This can't mean that liberalism is more appealing than Christian conservatism, can it? Naaaaaaah, there's no way that's possible.

*Just the zealots.

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