Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh, Tennesee

The Tennessee Senate voted 28-1 to amend the state’s sex ed curriculum by adding warnings against “gateway sexual activity.” Senate Bill 3310 does not explicitly define what those activities are, but it comes in response to controversies in Nashville and Knox County schools over instruction given to high school students that mentioned alternatives to sexual intercourse.
“ ‘Abstinence’ means from all of these activities, and we want to promote that,” said state Sen. Jack Johnson, R-Franklin, the bill’s sponsor. “What we do want to communicate to the kids is that the best choice is abstinence.”
 The Tennessean

I'll give the TN lege one thing, they've finally caught on to the "technical virgin" problem. No, no, no, no, no, no. I don't think that there's a problem with teenagers that engage in a variety of sexual activities. The problem lies in the "purity" movement-- it doesn't actually stop kids from engaging in oral and anal sex, while at the same time it actively discourages them from practicing safe-sex techniques. Abstaining teens have similar rates of STDs to, um, "normal" teens, but are less likely to use condoms or make any preparations for sex.

Of course, telling kids that all sexual activity is strictly verboten isn't going to solve the problems of STDs &/or teen pregnancy, but we can't expect Republicans to be smart or practical, can we? If they can't cling desperately to their dogma, what else have they got?

As for the whole "gateway to sexual activity": what the fuck? What does that even mean and how far does it go? Is making googly eyes a "gateway"? Hand holding? Smooching? This is the most ridiculous, anti-sex thing I've heard in a good damn while.

Also, good job stealing the terminology from the "War on Drugs", TN. (By the way, how well is that "war" working out for you?) We don't need a war on sex too, thank you very much.

(RH Reality Check)

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