Friday, April 13, 2012

Ugh, the Catholic Church

A press release from Americans United:
In a statement issued today, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops called on every diocese in the country to engage in a “Fortnight for Freedom” during the two weeks leading up to the Fourth of July. Parishioners will be asked to study, pray and take action about alleged infringements on religious liberty.
First on the list of topics is the Obama administration’s effort to ensure that all American women have access to birth control through their health insurance plans.
Another topic is government defunding of church-affiliated agencies that refuse to comply with public policy mandates. The bishops’ statement complains that Catholic agencies have been denied government funding because they refused to provide adoption services to gay couples or reproductive health care to women who are victims of sex trafficking.
I am so ever-loving sick of the fucking Catholic Church. Listen, assholes, you already have your own fucking country. The Vatican, remember? So kindly stay the fuck away from my country's government.

I am also so fucking sick of the Catholic Church pretending to be the arbiters of morality. This is the organization that is responsible for untold child rapes (and subsequent cover ups) and kidnapping babies from single mothers to be "adopted" out to "respectable" Catholic families. They were responsible for the Magdalene laundries, they lobby against condom use in AIDS ravaged African countries, and it's not unknown for Catholic hospitals to deny life-saving medical procedures to pregnant woman if it puts the pregnancy at risk. They actively campaign against civil rights struggles (to wit: marriage equality) and against accessible birth control.

If that's your idea of "morality", no fucking thanks. Go ahead and consider me amoral or immoral or whatever if it helps you sleep at night, but I will not accept that an organization that causes this much suffering all around the world can be anything but unmitigated evil.

The Catholic Church is free to tell their parishioners whatever the fuck they want, I really don't give a shit (and, to be honest, neither do the majority of American Catholics). They have no right to tell the rest of us what is and is not "moral". They have no right to write our laws and certainly no right to be involved in international aid efforts.

If the only way to stop them is to dismantle the organization, then so be it. The US would be much better off once we stopped letting Bishops tell us what to do.

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