Monday, April 23, 2012

Fiscally conservative or fiscally stupid?

Massachusetts-based Hub Properties Trust filed paperwork in Ramsey County on Wednesday to evict the state GOP for failing to pay more than $96,000 in rent over the last year.
The eviction action follows a series of revelations last winter regarding debts accrued by the party during the reign of former RPM Chairman Tony Sutton. In December, an internal review of  finances revealed that the party owes $1.23 million to creditors, plus more than $700,000 in legal fees accrued during the 2010 gubernatorial recount, and is facing possible fines from the Federal Elections Commission for undisclosed debts. The party is also currently being investigated by the state campaign finance board.
Politics in Minnesota

LOL, wut? What kind of clowns are running the Minnesota state GOP?

Oh wait, my bad. Kind of answered my own question there.

It amazes me that anyone has confidence that these people can run a state government-- you know, with budgets and stuff-- when they can't even get their own financial shit together. I mean, I'm not terribly surprised that a political party would have debts, but to be under investigation and eviction at the same time is kind of mind blowing to me.

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