Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sluts Across America is an interesting advocacy project/fun little gadget. Enter in your reason for using birth control (in other words, why you're a slut) and your zip code and BOOM! you're on the map*. Click on any of the reclining slutty silhouettes and there's an explanation (in 200 words or less!) of why that woman supports access to birth control. Here are some of my favorites:

I'm a slut because...
  • ONE kid and earning a degree in biochemistry is enough to handle
  • I dont want to be a teen mother, I want to go to college and support myself in the future.
  • because I would love to keep having amazing sex with my fiancee without any interruptions.  
  • I'm newly married but my man-whore husband and I enjoy sex too much to have children. because we're heathens. 
  • I am not financially ready to raise children, but I am sexy enough to raise erections. 
I gotta admit, I am loving all of the backlash! Our confidence and our sexuality scares the shit out of these regressive fuckers-- we need to continue to use that to our advantage. It's so fucking sad that in the 21st century (p.s. Where the fuck is my flying car?), we have to continue the battles that our mothers and grandmothers fought, but we can't give up and we certainly can't forget what's on the table come November.

*If you figure out which one is mine, I'll bake you some goddamn cookies or something.

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