Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feminists killed Jesus?!

Courtesy of Man Boobz,a poster over at The Spearhead gives his two cents on the crucifixion of Jesus:
Pierce brought up an important event in the life of jesus. He was falselly accused, and the violent masses and the heathen whordes wanted to see blood; so the pilate delivered.
Kinda like the American feminist whorde of barbarianism. Maybe womens justice is simply more primitive and barbarian (more heathen-esque) than patriarchal orderly justice.
whether its the klu-klux-klan “mob lynchings” of 100 years ago over false rape accusations, or the Duke lacrosse feminist mobs roaming the streats of durham looking for blood, there seems to be a common theme here. feminine matriarchal justice is lies , hysteria, mob/klan barbarism; while patriarchal justice is truth based, orderly, ect. ect.
Pontius pilate didn’t want to kill jesus, but the violent matriarchal whorde/klan wanted to see blood and forced his hand.
(Just want to point out that this guy goes by the handle "American". I weep for our public schools.)

For those who aren't familiar with The Spearhead, the name kind of explains everything. It's an anti-feminist, "men's rights" site. Get it? Spearheads are phallic and these guys worship the penis and... never mind*.

Anyway, this short screed is pretty impressive. I mean, spelling and grammatical carnage aside, how much wrong can one person fit into just a few short sentences?
  1. Pontius Pilate wasn't forced to do anything.
  2. Feminists didn't exist during the Roman Empire.
  3. The Roman Empire was BY NO MEANS a matriarchy. (Quick! Name one female Caesar!)
  4. That's not even touching whether or not Jesus even existed in the first place. 
  5. Modern feminists are striving for equality,  not the murder of anyone who disagrees with them or  trying to establish a matriarchy.
 But, hey, we can't let those things in the way of fantasizing about hysterical barbarian feminists, can we?

I will give "American" credit where credit is due: this, uh, theory is pretty novel. I mean, he could have blamed the Jews, but no! He comes from out of left field and blames blood-thirsty feminists!

*I guess the feminist equivalent would be "The Bagel"?

Gah, sorry. That's terrible.

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