Thursday, April 12, 2012

In which I complain about Google

(Real post to follow later this evening.)

My last post got me thinking about what is wrong with Google. I'm not just talking about the complete invasion of privacy or the fact that Google products are slowly taking over, well, all of our communication. These things are both ultra-shitty, but they've also been explored over and over again by people much savvier than I am.

No, my specific beef is with the fact that no matter how many products Google offers, they aren't integrated together for better performance. Take my issue this afternoon: viewing my blog dashboard from my Android phone simply does not work. What the hell? Blogger is a Google product, I was using the 'Droid web browser (also a Google product) and I still could not make/edit/delete posts via the web. It makes no sense.

GAH! Why does this shit have to be so fucking difficult?

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